AIR CARGO : Speed, Costs and Faith in an efficient logistics partner


Air Cargo is dependent on speed, costs and faith in an efficient logistics partner. time and distance are the most important coordinates for a strong partner. Furthermore we will manage all customs formalities for you.

42420797 • Air Speed
• Air Economy
• Parcel Service
• Emergency – for brand hot shipments

SEA CARGO : Different Container Services


Two thirds of our planet is covered with water and every continent is reachable over the sea. We can offer you different container services and the handling of all customs formalities and accompany you throughout the world.

42420797 • Sea FCL
• Sea LCL
• Project Cargo
• Reefer

ROAD XPRESS : links major economic centres to remote areas.


Road transportation is important as it links major economic centres to remote areas. Trucks are specifically used on short distances and for inland transport where distances are usually small and where it does not make sense to use other means of transportation.

42420797 • ROAD-Xpress Full Load
• ROAD-Xpress Part Load
• ROAD-Xpress Groupage

WAREHOUSING : control the movement and storage of materials.


A warehouse management system (WMS) is a key part and primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving and picking. More precisely, warehouse management involves the receipt, storage and movement of goods, (normally finished goods), to intermediate storage locations or to a final customer.

42420797 • Receiving
• Put-Away
• Picking
• Packing
• Shipping

INTERMODEL : Loading unit will be transported.


Loading unit will be transported with at least two different carriers. The whole transport chain will be controlled by us and wherever possible we transport your cargo to / from the port via train. Intermodal is to arrange smooth transitions in the gateways of the different modes of transportation.

42420797 • Express Trucking
• Expedited Transportation
• Overnight Freight

LOGISTICS : Logistics means that we handle your cargo with caution.


Logistics means that we handle your cargo with caution and care and show your movements in real time. Our logistics centres offer the ideal platform for your distribution.

42420797 • Outbound Logistics Solutions
• Dynamic Route Planning
• Pick-up and Delivery Process Visibility
• Analytics for Logistics

CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY : knowledge of Customs


It is an area that is often left to third parties, such as Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents, We have the necessary Commercial information and knowledge of Customs processes to maximise duty savings withing your organisation.

42420797 • Best in class expertise
• High quality consultancy service
• Availability of employees with theoretical and practical skills
• Tailor made inhouse consultancy services
• Higher degree of compliance
• Cost reduction

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